This type of caricature is the most popular, as its perception also leads us to think of an interpretation of facial features. We insist on the idea of ​​interpretation, because in our vision the caricature plays with the predominant elements in a way that conveys something positive. Like any tool, it can be used to stimulate a sense of humor and render the essence of a personality in a different way, but history has shown us that in times of censorship it was the only way to convey dissatisfaction with a person. or a system. The artists in the Caricatours gang are positive and sympathetic, emphasizing humor and entertainment, and the cartoons invite the chosen characters to step outside the comfort zone, to look at themselves with a lot of humor, and to accept another person's vision. We often convey that it is an easy form of therapy, to look at yourself in a caricature through someone else's eyes and to like yourself… for who you are.

Caricatures can be made in digital medium on a professional or traditional graphics tablet. The cartoons that can be ordered on the site are Studio-creted (in the workshop) and are made remotely after good quality photos, in digital technology. They can then be printed on several types of media (paper, canvas, textiles or mugs) and can be a unique gift. Also, their use in the form of wedding invitations can give a personality from the start to the event that will follow.

Order using the contact form.

Artist Gallery - Portraits: Valentin Chibrit (Ro), Bogdan Covaciu (Ro), David Garcia Vivancos (Spania), Joaquin Aldequer (Spania), Miller Almeida (Brazilia), Shota Sora – Caricature Japan, Hitomi Ishihara – Caricature Japan

This type of caricature, also known as "punchline caricature", can take the form of an illustration, in which real people are depicted in certain circumstances emphasizing a certain theme, or it can be used to convey a message with a social or political connotation. . Situational cartoons are very creative, and the best are distinguished by a graphic simplicity that leaves room for thought without words. The moment when the "punchline happens" is the one that triggers the humor and the person watching looks like he solves a puzzle.

In the past, this type of caricature was preferred in the press to graphically depict political situations. Currently, it is also used for this purpose in countries with a dictatorial regime, representing the "voice" of individuals or groups. In this sense, international competitions are organized promoting various current issues.

Caricatours aims both to take orders for illustrations and to organize exhibitions on various topics to draw attention to various situations in the contemporary social landscape, in a positive and humorous tone.

They can be made digitally on graphics tablets, but also traditionally, depending on demand. As they are more complex, in order to receive a price offer, please send us a request stating all the details here.

This type of caricature gives the characters, generally the ladies, a playful and more feminine air, being drawn with round lines to compliment any conformation. It is a lovely interpretation that will surely be appreciated by the ladies.

Pin-up caricature gained popularity in American magazines, marking an era of femininity, of beautifully dressed women who took care of their beauty. Like any double-edged instrument, it was sometimes a taboo subject, but our artists take care to reproduce what was originally the basis of the idea: a playful interpretation.

You can request an offer using the contact form. We currently have a very talented artist who draws this type of work.

Usually situated in the cartoon category and not being associated with classic caricature, comics are relatives of the easel family. The difference between the two is that traditionally the caricature exaggerates the physical or character traits of a real person or highlights a real situation and with comics, in most cases human archetypes are taken and fictional characters are created to tell a story. The cultural value of comics is appreciated globally as the characteristic style loved by children and adults has allowed the transmission of more values ​​and the creation of superheroes to promote virtues.

In the Caricatours project we want to support this segment, to encourage artists to form their style and personality, in order to offer the generation new graphic interpretations with which to relate.

To request a comic offer, both individually to translate a personal story into pictures and as well as at a company level, please write to us using the contact form.

It is a new branch of caricature because it has become popular in companies for its ability to render information presented at a meeting in the form of a story, in a funny graphic way, as memory has a better performance when it has a visual medium. Unlike comics, this type of cartoon includes a larger volume of information, which together with the graphic elements, creates a "train" of coherent ideas supported visually. In this case, the quality of the content, the ability to synthesize the information, is as important as the illustrator's talent for drawing the characters and the helpful graphic elements.

If you want a team that graphically reproduces the information presented at an important meeting, please write to us using the contact form and we will return to you with an offer.

This category is a bit more special because it requires a deepening of the personality of the person who wants a graphic "avatar". It takes more time to understand what elements are defining and what poses are suitable to graphically transpose a person or even a concept. Later, the person can use the Avatar on social networks or other media channels.

For a personalized offer, feel free to send us more details using the contact form!

Included in this category are book illustrations, posters for plays, posters or materials that require custom graphics presented in a comic style. It is drawn digitally but we do not exclude the option of decorating a wall in a traditional style. Depending on the project, we find the best solution.

If you are thinking of a project, feel free to contact us.

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