Many stories start with "in the beginning we were two" and I think they only become more beautiful when you look back at them after several years. I wanted a project to believe in; after many jobs and searches, in 2013 I met Valentin, a charismatic and cheerful artist, very talented, who was set to live freely, and say honestly what he has to say; probably that's why he had chosen caricature as a way of expression.

Later we became Us, and that's how the Caricatours project was born. A manifestation of our desire to create a friendly space for artists and to convey through caricatures our creative energy but also the courage of an explorer of the sensible. We wanted to position caricature in the family of easel graphics; as an accessible art form, loved for its humorous effect, and with the potential for integration in creative projects but also in the multiple valences of contemporary entertainment.

Valentin's talent has allowed us to travel to other countries where caricature festivals are organized and to meet artists in the true sense of the word. A beautiful gang was formed, in which the sense of humor is the most developed, but also the ability to capture the essence. This is what portrait caricature is about. Playfully inspired by lines, volumes and colors, which reproduce the personality of the person being caricaturized.

A major objective of the Caricatours project is to bring together several categories of caricature in the same space. The portrait caricature illustrated so far by Valentin is just one of the branches of the "Cartoon", besides it there is the thematic one, or with "a punchline" as it is called. Comics or comic cartoon is the caricature that tells a story, character design and even pin-up. We wanted to have a diversity of styles and visions; that's why in our travels we met talented and nice artists from several countries, with whom we became friends and started collaborating. Technology has allowed us to collaborate remotely, as artists work digitally on professional graphics tablets.

We are dreamers, but also realists; confident that this inner urge to expose the public to caricature in all its valences will develop in more directions than we can imagine now. The words that represent our intention are lust for life, passion, talent, empathy, respect and appreciation for artists, balance and adventure.

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