Due to organized events, caricature has become an unique and original way to mark a moment by creating an experience in itself: to pose in front of an artist for 3-4 minutes, to interact with him; so that at the end of the waiting period you will receive a funny drawing that represents another person's vision of you. The best cartoonists are those who understand human nature and manage to extract that "something" from everyone's personality, essence, and express it in a creative way; in a play of lines and volumes, keeping the element of resemblance. The Caricatours team artists are talented and awarded in this art segment and above all they are charismatic, managing to generate positive energy and many smiles to the guests.

Today, Caricatours artists can draw both in a traditional environment, on paper, with pencils or markers, and digitally on professional graphics tablets, with LIVE transmission on TV screens and print on the spot on paper, mugs or even textiles, depending on event.

If you have an event coming up soon and you want a unique way to entertain guests, please contact us to check availability.

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