We are very happy that we can provide a positive reference for artists who love this art segment. In the past, we have often been asked if we live from caricature, and our affirmative answer came as a surprise. YES! But it takes a lot of communication to bring to people's attention how important it is to look at ourselves with more humor because the solutions come when we detach and the fun has allowed this.

Our intention is to train artists to promote this approach of familiarizing people with art. The cartoon is among the most accessible forms and clearly the funniest.

We travel quite a lot to conventions organized in other countries; in some already the caricature is a cultural element that attracts tourists. We also want to have a Romanian Cartoon School in which artists are guided and supported, so that later they can be sustainable from all points of view.

As soon as we receive enough applications, we will organize courses. Send us a message if you like the idea and want to learn more about caricature. We have very good artists from several categories who can share techniques and experiences.

Quite soon we will also have a membership option, to receive online materials and videos about the steps needed to draw a caricature, both in Studio and LIVE.

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